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Red Remover BLAST

Red Remover BLAST is the explosive spin-off of my hit puzzle game Red Remover. Red Remover has been played over 135 million times and currently has a rating of 4.7 on the app store so I'm excited to see if people like this one too. The gameplay is different this time around. Instead of clicking red shapes to remove them you must use explosions to knock them off the screen. Don't knock any green shapes off though or you'll fail the level. To add to the fun there are 8 planes of gravity - look at the shapes faces to see which way they will fall. Too easy? Try replaying the game in the extra challenging coin mode!

Free iOS Version    Game Walkthrough    User Levels (Reddit)    P0x0rz Children Edition    BAFTA Win!

How to play: Click the mouse to create explosions. Remove red shapes. Keep green shapes on the screen. Dark red shapes are unnaffected by explosions, use other shapes to knock them off.

Pars: Once you have beaten a level its par will be revealed. If you can beat the level using that many clicks or less you will beat the level on par. Levels you have beaten on par become yellow on the level select screen. If you beat a level under par a small number indicating how far under par you were will be shown.


Red Remover BLAST won the 2014 BAFTA Wales Special Commendation for Gameplay Design. Yeah!

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